02. Who are we?


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Meet the new Babaderm™ baby care range, a fresher and softer approach to keeping baby clean and comfortable. Developed by medical professionals at B-Well Medical, Babaderm™ combines the very latest in science and nature with our own special ingredient, Probiton™, keeping baby’s skin balanced and germ-free. Think of it as friendly bugs for a healthier, happier baby!

The range includes;

•          a soothing nappy cream (+ olive and Emu oil assists to prevent nappy rash)
•          a germ-fighting body wash (a gentle wash to sooth irritated skin and rid germs)
•          a gentle shampoo & conditioner (hair & body wash to keep flora balanced)
•          a protecting body lotion (also helps to reduce possible skin infections)
•          a caring probio oil (+ natural Boswellia Carterii and Chamomile extracts)

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