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Beachboy Boomer wins Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year 2010

Losing weight has literally been a lifesaver for Boomer Hoek, a 12 year old Labrador from Jeffrey’s Bay, who successfully shed a massive 22kgs on a special diet programme for overweight pets and won the 2010 Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year. Boomer had been so fat he was crippled with arthritis and some family members said it would be kinder to euthanase him. Instead Boomer started eating Hill’s Prescription Diet r/d and now is back to bouncing around the beach. According to his owners Louis and Barbara Hoek “our once inactive, uncomfortable dog is lean, lively and enjoys his life again!”.

Boomer was chosen from hundreds of cats and dogs around South Africa and Namibia that successfully reached their goal weight in 2010. Check out for before and after photos of all the finalists.

“Boomer is an excellent example of how losing excess weight can make a real difference to quality of life whatever an animal’s age.” said Rina Cronwright, managing director of Hill’s Pet Nutrition and one of the competition judges.

Concerned about your pet’s weight? Ask your local vet for professional advice. The Hill’s Pet Slimmer programme is available only at veterinary practices; call 0800 228 783 or email to find a participating practice in your area.

Boomer BEFORE his weight loss – photo to the right: And  AFTER his weight loss photo with owner Barbara Hoek on the beach.

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