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Brushtox Antiseptic Toothbrush Cleaner

How clean and germ-free is your toothbrush? Research by Manchester University found that the average toothbrush harbours about 10 million germs, including a high percentage of potentially fatal bacteria such as E coli and streptococcus. The US Centre for Disease Control states that toothbrushes can be a source of “potentially pathogenic organisms. Candida albicans, the fungus that can cause thrush and other yeast infections, is another culprit.

Brushtox Antiseptic Toothbrush Cleaner has been developed by UK dental surgeons to disinfect toothbrushes safely, quickly and effectively. Simply spray the bristles before and after using the brush to remove bacteria, fungi and other organisms, then rinse before use.

Brushtox is recommended for daily use to prevent contamination and help maintain good oral hygiene and fight tooth decay.

Brushtox is available in South Africa at Clicks and Dis-Chem, the recommended retail price is R44.99 for 100ml spray dispenser.

For more information visit or call distributors IVOhealth on 0860 456 123.

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