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Bio-Oil: Childbirth Education Makes a Difference

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Pregnancy Education Week – 15 to 23 February 2014


There are an estimated 100 million pregnant women in the world at any time and a new study* from the USA Yale School of Medicine has found that many lack key information regarding reproductive health. For example about half the women surveyed did not know taking multivitamins and folic acid can help prevent birth defects.

The Childbirth Educators Professional Forum and Bio-Oil are joining hands this February to empower women through information and highlight the value and benefits of antenatal classes.

According to Lynne
Bluff, South Africa’s leading childbirth educator, knowledge is key to a happy, healthy pregnancy: “If you understand what is normal, you can be relaxed and confident in what you are experiencing, knowing it is simply part of being pregnant.”

For example it’s very common for pregnant women to experience itchy skin. “The skin is the largest organ in the body and any changes can have a huge impact on the mother,” says Bluff. “Massaging oil onto the breasts and tummy will moisturise the skin, soothe itchiness and help decrease the chance of stretch marks forming. It’s also a great way to start bonding with the little person inside.”

Bluff says childbirth education should cover all aspects of pregnancy and birth as well as how to care for mom and her newborn baby. “Classes are usually six to eight weeks long and the interaction with the childbirth educator and other pregnant couples in the class is invaluable. Many lifelong friendships are formed.”

Hospitals and childbirth educators around the country will be giving informational talks during February; contact your local hospital or visit for details. There will also be excellent pregnancy advice and apps on Facebook available, including a healthy eating plan, due date calculator and stretchmark guide

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