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Earthbound raises a glass to quaffing with a conscience

While eating and living with a conscience is becoming more and more mainstream, what about conscious quaffing? With this in mind, a new local wine, Earthbound, has been launched. With a range of five varietals, four of which are certified organically grown, the new wines have more depth to them than just complexity of character; they are grown using Fairtrade principles too.

“Earthbound wines have a conscience: from how the grapes are cultivated, to considering its carbon footprint from farm to fridge, to reinvesting in the land and its people. It’s also a high quality wine that is easy-drinking with wide appeal,” says winemaker Samuel Viljoen.

The latest premium wine innovation from Cape Legends, Earthbound wines are produced on Papkuilsfontein Vineyards in the West Coast Darling district. It is characterised by an expressive terroir of water-rich red soil, above-average rainfall and dry bush vines that collectively yield consistently good crops. The range includes:

– Earthbound organic Sauvignon blanc: A crisp finish with tropical fruit and good balance;

– Earthbound organic Chenin blanc: Lime green in colour, it has a lingering ripe fruit and dried pear palate;

– Earthbound organic Pinotage: Ruby red, sweet plum and caramel with a vanilla sweet spice to tempt the nose, while the palate is a medley of concentrated red fruits and traces of smoke;

– Earthbound organic Cabernet Sauvignon: Blackberry flavours on the nose partner perfectly with the plum and blackcurrant flavours on the palate;

– Earthbound Pinot noir: Its dark red colour is complemented with a lavender and blackcurrant nose, rich fruit flavours and soft tannins.

Earthbound has a long-standing legacy that is intricately linked to its place of origin and the people who produce the wine. Previously bottled under the popular label Tukulu, one of South Africa’s foremost empowerment labels, the wine is today made by the same local farming community and continues to ensure strong compliance to its Fairtrade certification.  

“Our grapes are sourced from certified producers and we ensure trading conditions are properly sustainable for both the land and the communities that work on it. In fact, for every bottle of Earthbound that is sold, R6.50 is reinvested into the farm and its people,” says Viljoen.

He said the farm employs eco-sustainable principles too. For example, owl boxes accommodate these birds of prey, allowing them to control rodents, while steam weeders are used to destroy invasive plants with heat.

And while the wines are low-sulphur, four are also organic. “This means that the vineyards employ farming methods that produce the strongest and richest grapes possible with the fewest detrimental effects on the environment,” explains Viljoen. The vines were also certified by the global benchmark for quality, Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), after a three-year conversion process.

The full range can be foraged from TOPS @ SPAR, Cyber Cellar and Darling Wine Shop for between R45.00 (white) and R54.00 (red) RSP.

For more information about #Earthboundwines email or visit and join them on Facebook at EarthboundWines.

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