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Valentine’s Poetry in a Cocktail Glass

Red Bamboo 1Flowers, stuffed teddies and cards may be your standard Valentine’s Day fare, but this 14th of February, what about concocting something special and romantic for the love of your life that you can sip and savour together? Saying ‘I love you’ with a fortified wine cocktail you’ve made yourself can speak louder and even more seductively than a bottle of bubbly.

For centuries, poets have been wrestling love into words and their choice source of inspiration has been fortified wine. From William Shakespeare and Robert Burns to Richard Siken and Charles Bukowski, expressions of love have always carried the sweet and seductive aromas of port, sherry, vermouth and other fortified wines.

Monis, South Africa’s number one fortified wine brand, is taking it one step further this Valentine’s Day, giving lovers the tools they need to be their own poet mixologists with red hot ideas for fortified wine cocktails.

These cocktails elevate fortified wine to a new sophisticated level, and are enjoying a revival in hip bars all over the world, with Cape Town and Johannesburg no exception. So, even if you happen to be without a Romeo or a Juliet by your side this year, you can soak up the vibe in trendy cocktail bars such as the Odyssey Gastro Pub, the Orphanage and The Piano Bar in Cape Town or The Sands in Jo’burg. Who knows, perhaps your Valentine is but a Monis moment away.

Cocktails are easy to prepare, seductive to savour and suited to all tastes. Top bartenders are taking full advantage of this new trend, mixing the Nouveau Negroni with its delicious blend of gin and Monis Medium Cream; the flavourful Bramble Deluxe with its interplay between Monis Pale Dry and blackberry jam or any of the countless exciting cocktail combinations made possible by fortified wine’s versatility. Try mixing your own and remember – with cocktails, as with love, let passion be your guide!

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