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World-first fertility app combines Technology and Astrology to address infertility problems – now live on iTunes

Fertility Astrology app iOS_Home_V04Technology and the guiding stars through mediaeval astrology are now combining forces to pin point the most successful times during the year for couples to fall pregnant.

The groundbreaking Fertility Astrology app, developed by renowned South African consulting astrologer, Nicola Smuts Allsop, provides couples with up to three astrologically fertile times, often specific dates, in which to try to conceive over the next 365 days.
Other pregnancy apps exist but none that use the same complex methodology that gives between one to three crucial dates over a 12 month period for conception.  “It may come as a surprise to most, but there are astrologically only two or three times in a year during which fertilization, whether natural or assisted, is optimised,” says Smuts Allsop. “There is far more to conception than just the meeting of sperm and egg. The app works with cycles and timing, which is where astrology steps in.”
Based in South Africa and the UK, Smuts Allsop works closely with medical specialists at fertility centers in the UK, using her methodology to help with planning IVF (in vitro fertilisation) dates.


Infertility treatment is expensive and emotionally draining and the app is a first step in determining the ideal time to plan the procedure.  Smuts Allsop has many success stories, families that credit her completely for their new additions.

“I was pretty desperate, to the point where I just wanted an indication of whether I would ever be able to fall pregnant,” says Raylene de Villiers, who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. “I didn’t really have an opinion about astrology but I was quite open to trying anything after I was told in my twenties that I had very little chance of falling pregnant. I give total credit to Nicola. Thanks to her, I now have triplets and a forth.” Prior to that, after many unsuccessful fertility treatments, de Villiers had begun to accept that she would never become a mother. Her sister, who also consulted Smuts Allsop after being told that she would struggle to conceive, now has triplets too.

Couples enter their birth time, date and place into the app, fill out a short medical questionnaire and within minutes the app will supply results of optimum times, listed in chronological order.  These times are specific to the individual and their gestational partner’s birth chart, as the app takes both charts into consideration and the results will be a combination of the birth data entered. The Fertility Astrology app can be applied to any family type – male+female; female+female, male+male, surrogate and egg donor – a distinctly unique feature.

The information available on the app also helps to educate and prompt the user to investigate medical conditions that might be affecting the infertility of both partners.

Smuts Allsop is also available for an hour-long consultation via Skype, should purchasers require more in-depth information and guidance,  as well as further timings for high fertility and IVF planning over a forthcoming three year period.

“It works well when health practitioners use the app with their clients to improve their chances of falling pregnant,” says Smuts Allsop. “Astrologers can also use this as an additional tool for their clients.

London Harley Street Gynaecologist, Fertility consultant and IVF specialist Dr Gedis Grudzinskas works closely with Smuts Allsop in London.  “Nicola has a scientific approach to her work and asks questions in a scientific way to achieve answers,” said Grudzinskas. “I spent my time first as an academic and as a clinical academic exploring mechanisms and physiology and biology. What I learned was that while we do understand quite a lot about those matters, we don’t understand everything.

“To me it’s natural to put together on one hand, the basis of Nicola’s astrology knowledge, and the basis of classical Western principles of reproductive medicine and gynaecology. The additional quality of timeliness which is the unique feature of the new app, is an absolute natural. Perhaps astrology is a window into helping us understand the new technologies and the challenges we face,” he said.


The app is now live on iTunes at around R174 / GBP9.99 per download, and will be on Google Play later this month.It’s easy to use, and produces an immediate answer with each purchase.  For different partner configurations or to add new information, a re-purchase is required.


For more details on the Fertility Astrology app view and visit You Tube Fertility Astrology to view short films of interviews with Nicola, well-known astrologist Rod Suskin, DrGrundzinskas and families who have used fertility astrology to conceive. Stay in touch on Facebook at FertilityAstrology or Twitter @NicolaSmuts   #FertilityAstrology.

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