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The dermatologist ‘nose’ best – expert advice on how to fix your child’s nose woes

A red nose is often one of the more visible symptoms when your child has allergies, a cold or the flu as repeated wiping can easily irritate the skin around the mouth and nostrils. 

Although not that serious in itself, a chapped nose is not very attractive and can feel a little sore. It may also become infected and can take longer to heal if not cared for correctly. Dermatologist and new mom Dr Lauren Knight shares expert advice. 

Here are five ‘dermatologist-approved’ tips to prevent your child’s nose woes this winter: 

  1. Avoid touching the face and only wipe the nose when necessary. Keep your child distracted with an activity or book so they are less likely to fiddle. Keep fingernails short, just in case.
  2. Regularly wash hands to prevent spreading germs. This applies to both of you – wash your hands before and after wiping your child’s nose. 
  3. Teach your child not to pick or to wipe their nose roughly (e.g. on the back of sleeves). Encourage them to use soft, unscented tissues and only wipe or blow when needed. 
  4. Repair and restore the skin with a hydrating moisturiser or barrier cream like Letibalm Nose & Lip Repair that helps soothe inflammation and forms a protective layer to prevent further chapping. The paediatric variety is suitable for children from birth.
  5. Dry mucous (aka bogeys) can be irritating and may encourage picking. Being well-hydrated – inside and out – helps keep mucous thin and moist. Give your child plenty of fluids to drink and use a humidifier or steam as needed. 

For more advice read this article on winter nose and lip care or chat to your doctor or pharmacist.

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