What do we do?Who we work with

  • Savvy media relations
  • Influencer Marketing and Management
  • Integrated PR & publicity programmes
  • Social Media Strategy and Community Management
  • Digital content creation
  • Digital marketing and PR
  • Brand auditing diagnostics
  • Intuitive marketing insights and planning
  • In-depth research, analysis and review before ideation
  • Lifestyle and consumer marketing PR
  • Exceptional calibre of people and effective ideas (industry award recognition)
  • PLUS Convergence Management of all Marketing services – a full brandĀ development service network of brand building partners in research, media/ad strategy and marketing strategy.

PWMC offers best-in-class thinking, innovation, execution, results and brand synergy, which in plain English, means ballsy ideas that put your brand or your business on the road to fame: features, press releases and brand stories that become reality; your brand wherever you look, in magazines, newspapers, on the web and across all social media channels, on TV and on radio – and not just once, but over and over again.